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A culinary experience

Enamor is a culinary experience founded in 2011 by Valentina Bedoya. We have partnered with individuals and companies around the world to create magic in the kitchen, reflecting the fusion of the culinary roots of each country of the South.

We have been recognized by "Genuss Magazine" as a “Best Experience” with our program “Enamor Experience” where we invited people to live the “magic of the South” in an intimate pop-up setting.

Let us enchant you through one or more of our services:

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We offer intimate pop-up events in a cool setting that will spoil your taste buds and broaden your senses.  Check dates and book your seat.

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Chef Valentina cooks for you in your home one time per week...prepare yourself for an exquisite meal experience as if in a 5 Star restaurant.

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We cater to make sure that your special event serves the very best food to awaken emotions and match your dream. 

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We develop culinary concepts for your events and can guide you through the design process for your new restaurant, hotel, festival, or whatever you have in mind. 

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We provide you with an extraordinary experience for private and corporate events, led by Chef Valentina personally or online.

Valentina Bedoya

Founder and main Chef of Enamor

I was born in Colombia, studied law and became a lawyer. When my father retired early and bought a pasta machine to start his own company making pasta I realized that life is about combining your passion with your profession so I studied Culinary Arts in Argentina and began my career as a professional chef, working in several top restaurants in South America before founding two successful restaurants of my own. 


I moved to Frankfurt in 2011 and since have built my brand and company, Enamor.  I ran a Café Bistro named “Enamor Express” in the US Consulate General Frankfurt for 7 years, have taught various Latin American inspired cooking classes at the Genuss Akademie, worked as a personal chef to multiple families and individuals and have catered hundreds of special events.


I am passionate about food, experiences, colors, textures and flavours.  Some of my partnerships brought me to incredible places like:

- Art-lights in Argentina

- WineBid in United States

I hope to see you soon so we can share the magic together.

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