Delight with an 7-course menu inspired on the nearest countries of the Amazonas.
An exotic experience so full of magic that you will want to go there!

The creation of this menu was inspired by the Amazonian rainforest. A fantastic place in the World, not only because of its broad biodiversity or the length of its river that is considered the longest in the World, what makes the Amazonian rainforest special is the intersection of seven countries with different indigenous cultures, languages and climates.
This menu is colorful and cheerful, just like the Amazonas.

-Chirimoya juice
-Rainbow ceviche: coconut, strawberries, Frisalis.
-Humita Quechua: Manioc Tamal with fish encocao (Peruvian and Pacific flavours cooked in a banana leaf)
-Moon trilogy (Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela)
>Buñuelos: (Beignets) with fresh cheese, cacao and chili sauce
>Plantane balls: stuffed with slow cooked pork and green Peruvian sauce
>Arepa: served with avocado and chimichurri
-Pineyana: Smoked wild rice seasoned with Indian spices, white beans, served in a pineapple with a perfect Caribbean-Indian touch
-The wild coconut: Chontaduro, palm heart golden in goat butter and powdered mushrooms served over purple mashed potato
-Black gold: Colombian cacao and Brazilian nuts mousse served on top of sweet papaya smoked with cherry tree wood and cinnamon

I will take you to the Amazonas as I see it through my eyes and feel it in my heart.
My hope is that this experience sparks the idea to visit the Amazonas to feel it on your own skin.


Amazonian brunch - A trip to 7 countries