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I love the Mexican book: Como agua para chocolate

And I would like to invite all the clients who love novels to read it before the date of the dinner. I would transform the book into a night full of magic and passion and will recreate the dishes with my unique touch.


I will read thru each dish the phrase who inspired me the most to cook that.


With the music, candlelight in the garden, and the magic of the flavors, you will have tears of joy.


Price per person: 70 €

*Wine and alcohol drinks (per person): 15 €


I will share with you the story of the Mexican culture through a 7 courses menu, from the perspective of a love story of the book Como agua para chocolate.





1.- Ground beefcake

Inspired by the flavors of a Mexican family.


2.- Quail with rose petals sauce served with potato cream and herbs

The sauce is made in a Molcajete as in the old times in Mexican homes, in the traditional way.


This is the favorite dish of the main character of our book and is Mole.

3.- Turkey breasts stuffed with nuts, dried fruits and herbs with the Mexican Mole poblano


4.- Oxtail soup with the secrets of the grandma


5.- Peppers in nogada


6.- Chorizos with watermelon

This is the chef's interpretation of a moment in the book.


7.- Dessert surprise

Dinner event - Como agua para chocolate