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Chef Valentina loves breakfast, her favourite time of the day are the Mornings!

She believes most of the dishes can be served for breakfast, with just a special touch and the right portion.

One of her passions is to cook with new herbs and flowers. For this brunch she will make her amazing citric and flower butter and a variety of dips with roasted vegetables or beans just to start with.

Since she lives near a forest, she often takes a walk in nature and travel around many countries choosing different dishes and giving them her own touch.

Chef Valentina welcomes the guests with an amazing prosecco or some drink from the season that reflects the mood.

A sneak peek on what you can expect for Amazonian brunch:
- arepas stuffed with mole poblano
- plantane nest stuffed with chicharron and green Peruvian sauce
- guanabana flan
- and much more

In every brunch she explores different dishes and presents them by herself.

This brunch can be made 100% vegetarian or vegan upon request.

39€ (including 2 glasses prosseco*)
includes buffet, coffee, 1 smoothie, 1 glass of wine or prosecco.

Voucher Brunch

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